three lead to betrayal.

April 19, 2010
a angry seed has sprout from the ground. Growing from rage feeding on it down to the girls heart core. the tree of betrayal began from years of pain. but the most shocking was the three she trusted the three she talked to she even talked to that day without a clue
but when she found out the two talked to the painful dark thrid friend she lost a year ago. she was betrayed spied and heart broken
she left the page and couldnt stand it. what do i do? what can i do? she felt helpless. there was nothing she had played tricks and schemes but never this big. inside
she was a scared innocent girl.
with a loud apperance outside she let the three in. but now she must let them go. after all they indored
after all the pain she went threw she has to let 2 more go. "nothing can be done nothing can be still even for a thread as it rolls tears fall down with it and thats what it is to let something go"
she said alone in her room. tears rolled down her perfect soft dry face. she came to this school for a year to find friends but in the near end she finds out sometimes its better to be off alone....

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