And I Called it Yellow

April 6, 2010
By DanielleZ DIAMOND, Rochester Hills, Michigan
DanielleZ DIAMOND, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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Twisting, turning
Tumbling, scarring
Rolling along
On the side
They're all blind
To the flames
Licking the walls
Surrounding them

Sealing my lips
Hiding behind masks
Running through the motions
Acting on stage
Only the lonely

Nothing to do
Searching for hope
Waiting for light
Eating agony
Dreaming out loud

There's another flicker
Another flame
Fading in its own dust
I must save the fire
Perhaps we could burn
We'd be stronger
We'd be further away
From the edge of death

Don't dare to define
This candle in
The wind

Secrets are shown
Passion quietly flows
Where is the fire?
Why do you want
To put it out?
Maybe its a lie
But I don't care
We're close
I feel the heat

Both have blossomed
From the hottest blue
The new-found flame
Has cooled down
To the first stage
Primarily because of its
And also because of
Its weakness
The other flame
Skipped a stage
And is too much
Of the last stage
Partially because
Its been beaten down
And also because of
its foolishness

We are fire
Wanting to vanish
Within our ashes
We are fire
Of explosions
Of destruction
Of chaos
We are fire
Perhaps extinguishable
Maybe controllable
Generally usable
We are fire
The light
The pain
The warmth
The murderers

All that missing
Is the orange
We have yet to
When we touch
When we collide
When we become

We're burning through
We're inching closer
We're waiting

The wind billows
Us up
The water doesn't dare
Touch either of us
The earth silently
Supports us
Our fires
Are love

We see
We feel
We touch
We listen
We scent
We taste
Most of all
We are

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