Tunnel Vision

April 5, 2010
I cannot see you.
I cannot see you because you are far away.
We can talk.
But we are not that close
as people.
If I could see you, we would be closer
and we would talk
But we cannot talk, because I cannot see you,
because you are far away.
Because you are far away
we can only talk.
I want you to come see me
I want to ask you to come see me.
I will ask when we talk.
If you come see me
then I will see you
and we will be close.
When we are close,
we will talk.
I cannot ask you to come until we talk.
We cannot talk until we are closer.
We cannot be closer until I see you.
I cannot see you.
We cannot be close.
We will never talk.
I do not want to see you.

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