April 5, 2010
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If when you see them your lips reach the corners of your jaw, your heart drops to the center of your core, when your eyes widen and you soar. When you feel the energy between you limelight the world around you, as your steps grow faster when you apporach, and you feel as if their the only one, when all your demons fade into the sand, and you hear your soul scream for their hand, when i love you just isnt enough, and goodnight shimmers in gold inside your head, as your body aches for more, when you touch tornatos storm, when the sheets melt and their chest falls, and when the two of you part, waves of sarrow blow twords you, when you know their exactly what you want, and as you start to beleive all of your dreams are coming true, when the flowers bloom for you, and sun shines down on you, could this be?

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