April 5, 2010
By dschhwartz BRONZE, New York, New York
dschhwartz BRONZE, New York, New York
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As I look in the mirror
I see, not a face
Not two eyes, glassy from the salty tears
Trickling down absent rosy cheeks
Along a nonexistent nose
To missing shiny moist lips, corners turned to a frown
Down the curve of an invisible chin
On the icy marble sink, wet with pain and sufferings.
I see, not a face, none if it is there
In its place, I see the memories, the emotions, the experiences
Not mine, but of all the others
Their souls were kidnapped, stolen from their bodies
Strangled ‘til all life was lost, corpses burned and buried
Everything was lost, six million gone for simply being
Everyone was different, but this went far beneath the surface
Past the heart, the mind, the blood running through their veins
The hatred filled the barbaric minds of the slayers
Savage demons searching for the scent of prey
Not just these ones, but a ritual, leading
Time and time before, to myths praised as words from beyond
Many souls wandering, bodiless, powerless, invisible
Endlessly waiting for their day of freedom, a day never to come
As I look in the mirror
I see, not a face in the reflection
I see all of them, in all of me.

The author's comments:
Many of my relatives perished in the hands of the Nazis during WWII. Since I was unable to meet so many of them, I think that they are looking down on me and I like to think that living my life gives them a chance to live the life that was snatched away from them.

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