How are you

March 28, 2010
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They say how you doing when they really mean how you
holding up. I know your mom died, brother left and father
couldn’t take it so he jet, but how are you? Friends abandoned
you just like your home which was foreclosed last month.
Couldn’t pay the rent this week so you moved
in a motel but you having trouble paying that,
can’t find a job because you black but its really the ink that
makes your skin so dark and you feel so alone so you’ve
called all the family you know but they doing worst than you,
aunt in a rehab center because she didn’t get her education
and now you wish you had stayed in school because math is
getting involved in your situation but you don’t even know how to
add and subtract no more let alone divide, split up and leave what
needs to be left behind. A lost cause is what they call it as you roam
the streets at night, not knowing what you need so you try everything
to take your mind off the problem instead of solving it you take a bud
and light it, can’t dip it in the bud but get high off it. I don’t understand
why but now your the black sheep, phone bill got cut off and cursing out
Verizon never helped none and can’t sue without a lawyer! Lied to the
I.R.S about the address and now your a wanted felon, what can I say?
Besides the fact that you should of got it when you were younger.

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