That Big Church

March 27, 2010
Driving down 75 south
As usual, we’re speeding
Down the interstate, going
Well above the speed limit,

Coming around the bend,
I notice, like always,
The gigantic structure
Looming ahead, to my left.

Church of the Apostles:
Where for girl scouts,
We had a meeting
In one of the many huge rooms,
And where at night,
It lights up
Like a light house,
So anyone can see it from far away.

Besides this one encounter,
With that big church,
I don’t know much about it,
And have never gone there on Sundays.

One thing remains though,
That whenever I head to school,
I see that great big church,
Coming to greet me,

While my life, may
Always be changing,
That place always stays the same,
Keeping the memories for
Whenever, I look at it.

Like days we leave
The house late,
With my mom pushing 80
When the speed limit’s 65,

Like the days
I automatically fall asleep in the car,
Because of staying up late
Watching my favorite TV shows,

Like the days
Where I’m telling
My dad, to drive faster,
So I won’t miss the dance,

Like that one day,
In third grade,
When I came to school late
Because I forgot my shoes,
And having my mom drive back home,
To give me the worst spanking
That kept me sore for a week,

And like today,
Where I drive past
Thinking of—
—These memories again.

I have two more years now,
Before I’ll stop passing by
My old friend,
But I’ll always remember—

—That Big Church.

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