I'm Broken

March 27, 2010
My mind races,
On all of this confused sadness.
No one really seems to take the time,
that it takes,
To listen to me.

My worlds seem to crumble,
When everyone is worred.
I try my best,
to hold back the tears.

But I'm barely succeeding.
Can no one see,
That I am dying inside,
trying to bury the pain.

The truth is,
that I am broken,
and everyone is killing me even more.

All this sadness,
That threatens to overwhelm me,
Has succeeded.

Now I'm broken,
and I'll not be restored.
I'm falling,
but there's no one to catch me.

And I'll cry,
I'll cry out into this darkness.
'Cause no one is there,
to catch me.
When I fall.

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