I Refuse

March 27, 2010
Did you know,
that I cried over you.

Did you know,
that night after night.
I didn't sleep because of the worries,
that you implanted inside my mind.

Did you know,
that I defended you every minute,
that they tried to warn me,
but I denied the truth.

You tore me apart,
and I left you.

You tried to take me back,
but I refused to return.

I refuse to be the pawn,
in your stupid little game.

I refuse,
to let myself be miserable over you.

It's all becase of you,
that my eyes are raw from crying.

It's all because of you,
That i'm so damn tired

My world has crashed down around me,
because your false words and promises,
were the supports,
that held up my sky.

Now I have nothing,
because I gave it all to you.

The day I truly realized,
I felt as if a dagger,
had been drove through my heart.

I look back and realize,
that I must have been a fool,
to have believed your rotten lies.

I must be blind,
for I did not see.

I must be deaf,
for I couldn't hear the words of truth.

I must be sensless,
for I didn't think befor I acted.

My world has crumbled,
My sky fallen.

For the support of your,
false words and promises,
have faded from site.

I still love you,
but you never loved me.

I will just move on,
and not look back.

For I willnever be able,
to trust you again.

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