if you loved me why did you lie

March 27, 2010
blue eyes
trusting eyes
thought i could trust you
but then you lied
if you loved me
why did you lie
you said you loved me
but then you used me and left me
so why did i take you back
i though i could trust you
but you let me down again
well here i go
back in a suicidal state...
because of you:
i can never sleep
i dont know who to trust
i have to live with a broken heart
i lost a great guy
I hate:
how you lied
how you used me
how you made me feel
But because of you
I learned my lesson
i kept letting you back in but when you come crawling back i won't be here!
go find another stupid girl
who will believe your lies
bye now
im done with you
you broke my heart for the last time
i kept thinking you would change
i let you back in countless times
so if you loved me...
Why did you lie?
i was just another stupid girl
who believed your lies
Well not anymore
I hope your happy...
you thought i would always be here when you wanted me
Well you were wrong!!!
I loved you
why did you lie to me?
what did i do wrong?
was i really that bad?
well im sure someone better will come along
you missed out..
too bad
I'll keep my head up
and find someone better
someone who loves me
so i hope your happpy good bye!!

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bugnikki said...
Oct. 30, 2013 at 2:38 pm
WOW is all i can say. Reading it i felt like it was happening to me which it did. But yeah you did a great job!!!!
CherokeeDoggette said...
May 28, 2010 at 8:00 am
i would really appreciate it if you would post a comment and tell me how you like this poem
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