The Way You Look At Me

March 27, 2010
Something’s changed about the way you look at me

I can see it in your eyes, its like we’ve lost the chemistry

I walk around this town feeling confused and miserable

They say when you fall in love. Your heart just seems to know

But fairytales lie. They never show what’s real

Like when a heart shatters into pieces, it can take a lifetime to never heal

The “happy ever after” is just a myth to keep us sane

But it won’t keep you warm at night, so you drink to mask the pain

Because love never fully goes away, it sticks to you like glue

It’ll haunt and pester through the years, ‘til you find somebody new

And even in those fairytales, with love comes tragedy

I can tell its over, because something’s changed about the way you look at me

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