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My Painted Image

Let me paint a picture
An image of some sort
Because to know her
You must see her first

She sits in school
Fifty miles from where she wants to be
She barely glances at the teachers
She just wants to be free

She rests her face in her hand
Letting her darkened hair fall
Running her fingers through that mess
So they can't see her at all

Her dark eyes lie on papers
Watching words just appear
Her eyes are made darker
Eyeliners hiding her tears

She's got a models figure
Perfect curves, so they say
She hides behind that sweater
Just like everyother day

She's just sitting there
Waiting for the bell
Her minds elsewhere
Thinking about times she fell

She sits back in her chair
Her hair hiding her face
She just wants to disapear
Leave without a trace

Now she's not shy
But she won't tell you a thing
She just spins
That silver ring

They ask what she's thinking
She just looks away
They don't accept
The words she would say

She's got an amazing smile
But few dare to see
They see her mask
Not what she can be

She holds her notebook close
It holds all her words
But she fakes a smile
And they believe her

She's incredable, breath-taking
And yeah, she's conceited
But when you've got her body
The assurance is needed

She's something else
And can have whoever she sees
But this girls engaged
That's where she's supposed to be

She's amazingly beautiful
Wild and free
If you haven't caught on
That girl is me.

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