Over Rated

April 19, 2010
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My moms always complaining
get better grades
why don't you study more
make sure all your homework is done
dam school is over rated

I have waisted twelve years of my life
doing what being held in a prison
forced to learn a lot I will never use
dealing with dress codes
rules and regulations
most are more harsh then a prison

I talked during announcements
oh man who cares
as you can guess you have detention
screw this why should I show up
then I get written up
now I am stuck in Saturday school
three hours on a Saturday morning
over talking during the announcements
dam school is over rated

Where am I going in life
why am I doing all this nonsense
the future of my life comes down to one test
twelve years waisted
all I needed to do was score good on one test
studied for twelve years
and whoa one test will decide the rest of my life
dam school is over rated

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