April 20, 2010
By Anonymous

We're running from no one
We're running from time
We're running in circles
We're running a rhyme
Cause one love's not good enough
There has to be two
For the songbird to sing again
And make us beat through
Through the silence of long days
gone and away
Of the tones that we create
when the slayer is slayed
Of the reasons and rhymes that are biting the bit
Not sure of what reason, what reason is this?
So we're walking in circles
We're walking in time
To the beat of the two
The youths in their prime
But their primate instictives
Tell them to run
To run to the pace
to the strong beating drums
The drums their own music
The drums their own time
Their own language seen as another human's crime
But this language they speak
Only these two
Is a language as beautiful
As the red white and blue
They beat down their own beats
They critique their own love
But always inside is a branch bearing dove
That calls them together
Reminds them their roots
And together cause two,
"We can be anything together" she shoots
The gun has gone off
the bullet whistle past
She aims for the heart
But her heart's found half mast
"this is too much,
too much for me" he say
see what we have done,
done together this day?

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