Stopping is Impossible

April 18, 2010
When you have started something, it’s hard to stop,
It’s an addiction, an obsession; you need it, and can’t stop. People notice a change, see what it is doing to you. When you feel like your alone, you can’t stop, you crave it more, to occupy the space the friends fail to fill. When the reason you do this is the school and the drama, therefore you know it’s impossible to stop. When everything is school. Makes you want to do it more, keep it going, giving them what they want. No one really understand why or what makes you not want to stop, I’ve said I’d rather be in a hospital then in this school; get away from these people that make me sick. People bug me, pest me about my problem, there are so many times where I want to give up, and call it quits, but don’t, and deal with everyone sh*t. People wonder why I cry and have a hard time; it’s this addiction, this thing that is impossible to stop.


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