Signed With "I Love You Forever, Or At Least For Now"

April 17, 2010
After the break-up
I wrote you a letter
Spilling my feelings on an
Eight and a half by eleven piece
Of bright white paper
You said you would read it
When I asked your opinion on it
You said
And I quote
“I don’t know, I forgot what it said”

I just spilled my soul
On those pages
And you have nothing to say
Thanks sweetie
That makes my day so much better
That you have nothing to say
About the heart I just handed
To you
On a silver platter

So now
I made an expiration date
For forever
It ends today
Have a nice life babe
As you head to
The bright white light
Of your unknown future
Without me

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siddy09 said...
Jun. 17, 2010 at 6:03 pm
i do love u and i will. FOREVER and nothing will change that. jus sayin :)
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