The break down

April 17, 2010
By PeacePotnLove SILVER, Thunder Bay, California
PeacePotnLove SILVER, Thunder Bay, California
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Tears falling down my cheek
Whats happening to me?
I used to be so strong
But lately i feel so week
All the stress brings me down
It gives me no choise
I cant seem to speak my mind
I cant seem to find my voice
More cuts apear on my wrists
Something else i have to hide
Besides the smile i used to have
But now it's hidden behind
The other part of me
So you don;t see my tears
I fight all my tears
I can't show emotion
So i store it all inside
But it builds up
I break down
The pills numb the pain
Puts the stress off to the side
And when i bleed it out
I feel better inside

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