A Nobody

April 17, 2010
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She's a nobody.
No one sees her.
Nobody cares.
SHe walks the road of her life alone.
She hears all the whispers around her.
She tries not to listen though she knows what they say.
She heard it all,
"She's so strong she never cries", "She has no heart", She's so mean",
But if they only knew.
She's not that strong.
She's broken dying.
She needs some one to love her but no one can get though.
She a nobody.
People wouldn’t even notice if she disappeared.
At night her tear that she hides comes out.
Nobody knows why she's like she is and she can't explain.
They wouldn't understand.
She doesn't understand it.
So many questions.
Why her.
Why did he do that she loved him.
The nobody learned more then other her age.
So now she wonders why and sits alone crying her tears.
She walks her road alone because she knows that she can trust no one.
She became a nobody girl.

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