What Define Me

April 17, 2010
Weird, Random,
and Sarcastic as can be...
Precisely those words
are What Define Me.

I can be Cruel and Harsh,
but only to people I know.
To others I haven't met,
it's Shyness that I show.

Don't get me wrong;
I'm not the "Bully" kind.
It's just purely fun,
that's what they'd keep in mind.

I may be Insecure at times,
but that doesn't hinder me.
There are more essential things in life...
Prioritize, that's the key.

Family and Friends
are what comes First to me.
They are my Life and Happiness;
that, they'll always be.

Overall, I'm just a Simple girl
with high hopes and big dreams.
I trust in God's path for me
with all its little schemes.

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