These tears of mistakes.

April 16, 2010
I love you so much these tears that i taste
lingers against my cheeks as it slowly fades away
we never did argue but now i made a mistake
i wanted you with me but you just wanted to go to the 'circle'
you asked if i wanted to come and i said thats okay
the truth is that i dont feel like i just fit in
me..i am only known as that 'girl' with your so called friends
you say okay ill stay with you
but something within me just cries "go! just go!"
i told you to go but you looked at me like i was the one who was in pain
but i assured you in my lies that i would be okay
next thing i knew you stayed right beside me
but i slowly pulled away knowing the truth of your wanting
to go to your friends
i know its not right to keep you as mines and get away from the others
so that is why i said to you to just...go..i just needed to learn to let you go
but you didn't leave my side not even once
then you started to think that i didn't want you there with me
i said i do want you there but just that..i didnt feel like going
i lied thatd id be alright that happy cheerful person who you always see but actually im only happy when you are with me.

these tears of mistakes...

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