April 13, 2010
By Anitsirc BRONZE, Roslyn, New York
Anitsirc BRONZE, Roslyn, New York
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The sun is down, and the moon is up.
As exhaustion fills my body,
My bed calls my name
I slide into my comfort zone,
And under its covers.

The mattress is a soft, gentle cloud.
It is a bridge leading me to a new,
wonderful world.

This world is not yet a dream.
This world is a place where
Can happen.

I can be the president, or a superhero.
I can be the Queen of England, or just a Prom Queen.
I can be poor, or a millionaire.
I can fly, or just breathe underwater.
I could be a mermaid!
I can be tall or short, fat o skinny.
I can be old or young, smart or dumb.

Everything is possible in this world.
It is just up to what your heart desires,
And what your mind can create.

It can last hours, or
It can last minutes.
But as the profound dream approaches,
This world begins to fade.

It is not up to my heart to decide anymore.
I soon will enter another world, a new world,
Where I, for once,
Cannot control what happens.

The magical movies and powerful pictures
Of my incredible imagination
Begin to die out.
And those last moments
Before I enter the irrepressible new world,
Will probably be forgotten.
But there is always a tomorrow
Where exhaustion will fill my body,
And my bed will call my name again.
Where I will slide into my comfort zone
And under the covers once more.

And I will find myself
Caught in between
Rational reality and dazzling dreams
Yet again.

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