The Hotel

April 13, 2010
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Checking in today, tomorrow, in half an hour, 5 minutes or next week?

Whenever we check in, we are given a key to our room.

It’s at this point we can change our room, and upgrade it to a better one should we wish.

We choose to either climb the stairs or take the elevator.

There’s the easy way up, or the harder way. It’s personal choice.

But sometimes there is a right way.

Walking down the corridors, we notice fire extinguishers, and other things which can help us.

Knowing where the fire exits are is one thing. Choosing to use them when we shouldn’t is another.

Entering the room, we are presented with temptations. Those little alcoholic bottles in the fridge, the ones you pay for at the end of your stay.

Or not sometimes.

We don’t make our beds in the morning. Maybe we should. Anyhow, we still have to lie in them.

Taking advantages of the places the hotel has to offer. The mini-bar, the restaurant, the games room and gym.

They are there for our comfort and pleasure. However sometimes we need to open our eyes and realise that there is a bigger world out there beyond our little hotel.

There comes a time though, when we must check out.

Checking out today, tomorrow, in half an hour, 5 minutes or next week?

Truth is, we don’t really know when we’re going to be checking out. Sometimes we check ourselves out on purpose. Or even by accident. Sometimes we know our stay is over and have to go to the reception desk to hand the key to our room back.

The hotel isn’t always that kind though, and sometimes others do us the courtesy of checking us out, without us knowing.

It really is a strange hotel.

This hotel we all call life.

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