America, Why Are You So Prestigious?

April 13, 2010
Your arms are open, like winters bare tress.
Your heart is cold, like frozen ice.
Why is it so hard for me to catch my breath?
It’s as if I’m the audience to my own act.
Though this isn't a play, and I’m no character,
What you see is what you get.
I can’t spin the truth, you see right thru.
It’s no competition, your right you’d win.
You took my heart the day you spoke.
I haven't got it back, since the day you turned your back.
Now you stare me down, try to make me fall, you forget one thing, I’m not weak.
It’s you who taught me how to be strong.
I guess I was just wrong.
Trusting you was the downfall of me, but getting over you will be the battle I win.
It’s not too late to give your all.
But it is too late for me to give a ***
You say I’m useless and unnecessary, I say America, you show too much potential.
We don’t like that around here. You’ll cause an uprising, a scene that no one needs.
I’m my own person, I’m not a gender, nor a type.
Don’t stereotype me.
I will blow out your speakers, and twist your mind.
I will brainwash your opinions and contort your feelings.
I will make you love me, I will make you need me.
I on the other hand, with my upside down flag tattooed on my heart, wearing a pirates patch across my soul, will bear this cross.
You have the dignity, I have the pride.
It’s something we both share.
Another thing you taught me.
How bout you be the student.
I’ll dictate what you wear, how you do you hair.
No pig tails, no curls, just flat like your mind.
It has no room to run, not even to sprint.
A walk, is barely allowed.
You sit here with a shocked look, like it wasn't coming, you should have expected.
Be prepared!
You have some things to learn.
Pay attention.
And i thought you loved me back, you supported me, you gave me nutrition.
Until you realized I was getting stronger than you.
You couldn’t have that.
No wonder your so cold, you feed on the innocence of our nation.
Oh wait that’s just ignorance.
You’r arms are open, because your hollow.
You feel nothing, you have nothing, your so shallow.
All that’s left to say, is I guess I win.
I’m my own person, and your one of them.
Wave your flag and pretend to know that anthem..
Welcome to America, keep your hands where I can see them,
welcome to the state where nothing matters. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.
Welcome to Paranoia.

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