Wilting flower

April 13, 2010
By AmberSkye13 BRONZE, Canisteo, New York
AmberSkye13 BRONZE, Canisteo, New York
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We get so easily discouraged and wonder why things aren't changing or turning out the way we hoped. That is part of life. Things won't always turn out as planned. But we still have power to do something, otherwise how will anything ever change?

I'm a constant mess of endless flaws.
My rotting corpse has been left for the vultures.
I was loved, which has led me to torture.
Amber eyes for thy Amber Skye
Was all it took to begin the sweet madness.

When trouble is as trouble does,
I lead myself into these suicidal curiosities.
For a life without this,
Is a life without bliss.

Your brutality so tempting,
Now the darkness is too.

As I'm standing by the back wall.
since brushing against strangers.
brings me back to the times we had.
and this music is passing right through me.
but the words stick to the heart.

Because nothing hurts worse
Than hearing someone else scream
About the pain you put me through.

The light of my smile is gone,
The one that you would long for.
When all is said and done.
You can't spell beautiful without U and I.

So stab me in the back.
It sure beats the hell out of you.

And i can say i'll be fine
But we both know its not true.

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