I Try

April 12, 2010
Forgive me screwing up all the time for when I say something wrong and you ignore me all day long. I am sorry that you didn't get to go but is this one night of mishap really enough for our friendship to blow. Why in the hell is it always one little mistake that ruins relationships, is that what your trying to do to ours. We been friends for quite a while and do you realize how much I try. I try to make our friendship work. I don't tell about half the things my family says about you, I hardly get in you face, I leave you alone, I don't ask questions. I mean do I need to get a new manual on how to act around you cause seriously I am getting annoyed that you are happy and totally awesome one day then the next you are a cold and hardly give a damn. Make up your god damn mind, I really can't stand how close we are and you can't even see how much I try. I was ignored by you for a week and then you said fine I will accept this annoying girl as a friend. I just stayed and tried cause I had no one else and I still don't so please don't stay mad at me for just trying.

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