Make Up Your Mind About Lies

April 12, 2010
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I didn’t eat a cookie before dinner

“Lies are bad”
The mantra of most parents, right?

So why is there still lying?
Haven’t we all been brought up taught not to lie?

But are lies always bad?

What about little white lies?
Are they evil, too?

Lies flow from people’s mouths all the time.
Yet, when questioned, they say it was for the better.

That it helped someone else,
They weren’t being selfish.

Where do you stop?
Where will you be crossing the line?

Is it enough just to say it was in good intentions?
Will it not be considered lying?

Now you think you have a barrier to lying,
Keep in mind that ways change.

What happens when someone “cool” lies about something big?
Do you, too?

The limit to lying will be warped
Until there is no return.

Tricky little things
Lies are

You think you can control them,
But they are the ones tricking you.

What caused you to be backstabbed?
To be robbed of your life?

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