deafence in school

April 12, 2010
By Anonymous

sometimes it is hard not to fight back because you are not supposed to let anyone hit you and some fighting is in self defense. if you don’t fight back you can get really injured in a fist fight so that’s why you have to defend your self.suspentions does not solve the problem because your giving them an opportunity to stay home and chill while the kid is in the hospital in a comma instead of suspending kids for fighting you can give them counseling or you can just put them on a tracking sheet or put him/her in a class where they can focus and forget about fighting. People who defend themselves should not get suspended because the person who started should get the consequences because fighting is a serious issue and a lot of kids go home with busted faces saying that he got beat up and a lot of school get sued for that. And who ever fights obviously does not care about their education because when you get suspended you don’t learn and then you miss a lot of class. And if you miss a lot of class it effects your promotion and you probably do not get promoted.

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