An Ode to water

April 8, 2010
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You rise and fall like the wind
Carry dreams of immigrant on your shoulders
You are the backbone of my culture
You destroy and soften
You take away
and bless
You come in the a summer’s night and take away the hope of a father with a hungry wife and child
You take away the joy only found in a summer’s morning, but bring it back in the afternoon
You are the hollow earth that takes a man to him maker
You are the solider that fought on D-Day
You were there
You carried your fellow soldiers onto the beaches were you watches as your brothers, fathers, uncles, and cousins give there life for a hollow war
A war that tore families and left millions fatherless,
and soulless
You are what took our pain way
You helped us clean away our past and cleared our path
And still today do you remain a legend of legend
A great beauty, a great wonder

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