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April 8, 2010
By hotpink42 BRONZE, West Nyack, New York
hotpink42 BRONZE, West Nyack, New York
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Carpe Diem

Why is it so quiet in my mind today?
The mountains have cleared
The noise has cease
The man in the poke-it dot dress did my wake me this morning
I have eaten no concoction of week-old green eggs or ham
No today I only ate the best, I ate day old green eggs and ham
The mice in my closet did not help my pick my outfit today, and for that I am sad
I feel hopeless without their fashion-easta flair
What can be done about today?
What can be made of my hair?
My tumble weed hair made of old newspapers, gum rappers and provolone cheese
What can be done with day?
Oh this day
Why on this day do the noises stop, but still I am not at peace?
Why do you hate me spirits, why do you wish my death
Why do you haunt me on this blessed, cursed day
Give me peace on this day
Leave me be….
Let me sleep, an eat, and be merry
For tomorrow marks a new day
A day were I hear all the noises of my life
A day were the mice in my closet come back
Were my hair transforms back in to a corn stock
A day were the spirit leave and the light returns to me
A day of peace
A day of peace
A day of peace

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