Please Don't Kiss Me

April 8, 2010
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kiss me
softly, now.
as to not rip open
the long-concealed scars
of the life i carry.
kiss me
harder, now.
because i cannot stand
pulling away
just yet.
kiss me
with passion, now.
because i think i may love
the way you were born
on the same day as me
like we were born for each other
like falling in love
was just meant to be.
kiss me
hurt me, now
the pain bringing tears
to my eyes
and i wont tell anyone
because you told me you
loved me too.
you told me you loved me too,
because i kissed you
under the maple tree
and you hurt me,
you left bruises
and i didnt tell anyone
because love
does not yeild pain
unless its in the name
of love.
kiss me
softly, now.
because the bruises you caused
still hurt
and the hospital bed
makes it hard to move.
i didnt tell anyone,
because you said you loved me too.
and now look at where we are.
please dont kiss me
ever again, now.
because i think
and "hate"
are very similar.
dont touch me
dont scream my name
as you get handcuffed
and shoved
into a cop car.
shoved, roughly
like you shoved me
over the guard rail
onto I-95.

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