Anxious Loneliness

April 8, 2010
Your Hands start to shake
And your head starts to spin
And it feels like
The walls are all caving in
And you can’t run fast enough
Because the bones in your body
Have turned to dust.
And where is the air?
You just can’t get enough air.
Your lungs are aching,
They’re screaming.
Your heart is racing
In a mad frenzy.
Your subconscious
Is telling you everything’s
But you just can’t hear it
Over all the noise.
Who’s making all that noise?
It’s your lungs crashing against
Your ribcage,
More room
Just to get some more air.
It’s your heart
Telling itself lies
Trying to hide
So it can just slow down.
And you’re crying now
You’re sobbing now.
Trying to hold it all in now.
But it’s attached itself to you
And it’s wrapped itself around you
And it’s getting tighter,
It won’t stop squeezing.
You can’t see.
Where did the light go?
Your lungs are bursting.
Your heart is crying
‘Cause it just can’t go on much longer.
The walls are getting closer
And you still can’t move.
You’re a statue of flesh
And just when you’re certain
That you’ve reached the end,
When you’re sure you’ll never speak another word,
When you’re positive
You are sheathed in death,
It all falls away
But a tear in your eye
And an ache in your chest
The ghost of what has been
And what could be.
Alone in the silence.
Every second disparaging you
In your loneliness.

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crushed_vampire said...
May 8, 2010 at 12:34 pm
i love this you can feel the emotion it! keep writing! check out my work and comment plz!    :)
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