April 11, 2010
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Yellow is the sun’s rays
And the light of the moon
And lazy summer days-
Spent in June
A highlighters trail
A dogs wagging tail
A shovel and its pail
Meringue pies
And cats eyes
And graceful fragile
Sesame Street’s feathered fellow
Is yellow.
And a school bus is yellow
As you step on and bid hello
To the friendly faces that you know.
Yellow is the butter
Drizzled over corn popped
And sticky theater floors
Begging to be mopped
Yellow is the egg yolk
And creamy cake batter
And the rough parts of your day that
Just don’t matter.
Yellow is the feeling of a stomach flip flopping
Yellow is a pencil
Rolling and dropping
Yellow is the ball
Bouncing along
Yellow is the dandelions
Scattered throughout the lawn.
You can smell yellow
In the pollen breeze-
Spring has arrived.
Watch out for bees!

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