Easy Come, Easy Go

April 11, 2010
'easy come, easy go.'
she whispered into the melting snow
as it fell between her fingers
in droplets of cold.
you see the sun setting.
falling beneath the horizon.
a dark blanket in it's wake,
hiding the light,
letting only sparks shine through.
looking up at the sky, you whisper,
'easy come, easy go.'
falling back into memories
of when everything was okay.
when he held you in his arms
and wiped away your tears.
when he told you he loved you
and how much he cared.
when he looked at you
like you were his world
and he held onto you
when you wanted to let go.
you close your eyes whispering,
'easy come, easy go.'

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Shahed said...
Jun. 20, 2010 at 12:56 am
The last part, where you talk about "him" is my favorite, Love this! really! Great job!!
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