I never said thank you

April 10, 2010
By Anonymous

You always came home late
you always came home tired.
When I'd hear you open the screen door, my heart bleed for you

You'd always sigh, but you barely ever complained, you worked so hard for me

Your job took you heart and soul
But it was all for us.

You could have quit, you could have left
But you did this all for us

I tried too show you my love, make it easier by never complaining, never saying or asking more of what I needed. I took care of the house while you took care of me

Giving us a home and life took all you had.

Every time you complained, every time I saw how hurt you where, my heart scream and cried to make you feel better.

You worked so hard for all of us. I felt horibble to ask for anything more

I didn't want to add to the stress, but you always said I never could cause you anything but joy and love.

I grew up, left home. And even though you said no I sent you help every end of the month in the mail

And then that day came. We said goodbye forever.

I never got to say thank you , Father

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