Welcome Home

April 9, 2010
By buckcherry BRONZE, Henderson Nv, Nevada
buckcherry BRONZE, Henderson Nv, Nevada
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"Welcome Home", a curious phrase. A phrase often used to convey emotions after a family member has been absent from his or her "home".
"Home" another interesting term, now to full understands the meaning of the phrase "welcome home" one must first understand the meaning of the word home. "Home" by definition is a place or environment that an individual can feel safe. Well that definition may be slightly misleading for many reasons but one in particular sticks out to me. "Where an Individual can feel safe" now what if ones home is an armory? Can one feel safe there? I think not. So knowing that one bay be able to conclude the word "home" has many definitions.
With that i shall write a new definition of "home"
Home: A place or environment where an individual feel most at peace and is surrounded by people who care about the individual. And that my friends my definition of home.

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