From Westfall To You

April 8, 2010
By SadPanda_916 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
SadPanda_916 BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Favorite Quote:
Believe in others, who believe in you. Believe in yourself, when others don't believe in you.

It was in Westfall...
Taking care of the Defias Brotherhood
The misunderstood
Earning my XP
When my health was red,
I was knocked out cold
That's when she came
And casted Resurrection
Giving me life,
And a state of affection
We were both level 18, she and I
Being a tough guy, letting out a Battle Shout
She looks with a pout, then letting out an
El Oh El
Very well, I replied with a smirk
I'm LFM for quests, you in? I ask
Sure!, let's do some tasks
Just as a Murloc comes in view
I was mrglmrglmrglmgrl over you

Days roll on by
As the server restarts
Time grew old, yet my feelings stayed fresh
It was early spring, taking a deep breath
That's when we traversed the cold harsh lands
The Wrath of the Lich King

We did everything together,
From Utgarde Keep to Halls of Reflection
We had quite a collection
PuGs would ask her,
Need a tank?
No, there's only one tank I trust
With my repair bill
So yeah, no thanks

And yet one day, that fateful day
Who knew it would happen?
We were running Trial of the Crusader
A smooth run, it was clean as paper
After the raid,
She whispered, to my ear
In purple text
I did not want to hear...
I'm sorry, but I'm leaving the World... Of Warcraft
I just can't tell you why... I'm sorry
And then just like that, she gave me a Power Word: Fortitude
Increasing stamina by 165 for 30 minutes.
And left, with no sort of attitude.
I treasured those 30 minutes.
Of solitude.

And to this day, I regret
The things I have not told her...
She was the Frostmourne to my Arthas
I thought we would defeat the Lich King together
The thought still itches and burns in my head
Like a person who fought and fell under the Scourge
Her eyes were as blue as two +30 stamina gems
Which were neatly socketed and glued into an adorable epic face
Item level 245 above and higher, to be exact
No, that isn't a lie

It still feels as though if the heart is going through PvP
Not enough resilence,
to sustain those critical hits
Random passerbys would ask me in Stormwind,
Hey, need a heal?
I would glare back, flagrantly
No priest, druid, or shaman could ever heal the
Void in my heart, truthfully
This is a trial I must endure by myself
And they would say,
Uh, oookay.

Fate is cruel...
Even still, I filter my searches just for you
Who knows,
Will I heal?
I most likely will,
Even though time passes by
As I eventually forget you...
Onward, to Cataclysm
I will always have those fond memories
Of the Protection Warrior
And the Holy Priest
Out doing quests in Westfall
They weren't fantasies, I know it be true.

And so, just as a Murloc is slain for a quest,
I must say adieu,
To you.

The author's comments:
A fictitious story I implemented into a World of Warcraft perspective to portray that love and care for another is a universal and general theme that runs in even popular pop culture media. For all you WoW (ex)gamers out there who lost their special someone. WoW represent!

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