April 8, 2010
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What if one day you came home to see your family
on the couch, their faces stricken with sorrow as tears flowed like a river?
What if one day your mom told you that you would have a sister soon
and your whole world would suddenly lit up.
Because maybe you would finally have someone to stay up with late,
to talk to, to be friends with?
Would you know what its like to stay awake waiting for that night
when your parents rush off to the hospital, excitement everywhere?
Anticipation almost as extreme as the night before Christmas?
What if you saw the mug you made your Grandpa
cracked, laying in a pile of shattered memories, glass, and debris?
And saw the skid marks of the car, the smashed down grass,
and his face was suddenly filling your mind?
Would you know how that feels?
What if you had a new best friend, a baby sister that you
know would one day be there for you?
And you couldn’t wait till she was older, and you would
give her advice and guidance?
How about that?
What if you saw the dismantled, demolished car?
With its empty drivers seat, where a great man once sat?
And the witnesses poisoned your young ears with gruesome
details of everything they had seen?
Would you know what thats like?
But what if there was always someone there, who would pick you up,
and tell you that it would all be okay? And you somehow learned to be strong?
Even though you lost four people in a year?
And you somehow figured out how to pick up the pieces, and glue them back
Well I know how that feels.

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