The Silhouette

April 5, 2010
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I see this beautiful girl, her figure seems clear to me
Big brown eyes that scream fierce, with a smile that says innocent
The two equal each other out like a perfect mathematical equation
No decimals or fractions, just simple to understand whole numbers
I gaze upon her sassy, yet classy walk
Her hips sway side to side like a pendulum
It’s hypnotizing and I can’t resist
I blink, and there’s the same girl
A blanket of fog covers her figure, and only her silhouette is visible.
Between her silk fingers is a cigarette, and as she lights it up
They change more and more into stone
She takes that cigarette, puts it in her mouth
Breathes in, breathes out, her soft lips crack
Her perfectly straight teeth separate
Her confident eyes droop, and her smile fades
As the fog lightens, she becomes clearer
She is the way I remember her from the beginning
Everything is all there, from her fierce eyes, and hypnotizing hips
But they’re invisible to me now,
No innocence, no beauty
No fierceness no confidence
I just see a girl
That’s all I’ll ever see

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Jade-McKaye said...
May 3, 2010 at 1:16 pm
this is really good, it kind of made me think, anyway, keep writing! =)
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