April 4, 2010
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Would you set out to see the world?
And leave Faerie behind?
Lost in woods and marshes dark
and kingdoms not half as kind

Have you the heart to say goodbye
to the place that is your home?
Will you turn your back, lose the Sight
and travel out alone?

Would you leave your honored love behind?
That fey wench with wild eyes
Could you break your heart and let her go?
Are you deaf to her hurt cries?

Or even blind to the land so fair?
Has the memory become lost to you?
What of the moors and hills bewitched?
Will they be nothing to you?

Begone with you then, fickle friend!
Begone if it be what you please
Lose this realm that took you in
We release you at our ease

This unseen world's where I belong
With the fey is where I'll be
With the nixies calling you back again
Will you forget all you see?

This unseen world claims us long
This unseen world that won't let go
Do the sirens sing far and clear
E'er else where you go?

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Teardrops said...
Jul. 12, 2010 at 10:34 am
I realy like the symbolism. this poem flows perfectly
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