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Foggy Night

April 4, 2010
By Ffdfhjnvf BRONZE, Austin, Texas
Ffdfhjnvf BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Bare feet dangling over cool water,
Casting small moonlit shadows as they are
Reaching for the dark surface
And all but touching the tiny ripples dancing there
Taunting but not revealing the secrets hidden beneath

Nighttime sounds are an orchestrated symphony -
Crickets, frogs, owls,
Minute splashes, leaves crunching underfoot -
The finer sounds, played only for those who cannot find sleep
A soothing lullaby for the ones who lack peace of mind

And faint humidity, visibly manifesting itself as unrelenting fog
Soft and warm,
A blanket that wraps the night in a
Sweet, Calming embrace
Dampening the wood of the old dock;
Leaving imprints on jeans shorts
As a lonely body finds solace in
The night

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