You were...

April 4, 2010
You were my first slow dance, and oct.2nd is one night I'll never forget.
You were my first kiss, and its the one I'll always cherish.
I remember taking you home one night after just hanging out, you sat right next to me in the middle of the truck, you kissed me on the cheek and hoped we weren't caught.

You were the one who I heard while we were dancing that first dance, and that will always be our song.
You were always on my mind even after all ended..
And the funny thing is on that last day I was going to ask you to prom...
I think for a while I'm gonna be well grounded.

You were the one who I first held hands with.
You were there the night of the haunted house, and kept holding my hand saying "its alright babe, I'm right here, nothings ever gonna hurt you."
You will always be loved and missed.
I love you not for what you have or don't have, but for who you are.
You are just so protective, and I know you'll always watch over us all.

You were always there for anyone who needed you so why didn't you just talk to one of us?
We love you and always will, please whatever happens never leave my side, I mean you did make a promise and promises after all are meant to be kept.

I love ya wayne, and nothing will ever change.
The fact that you were the one I loved first, and experienced first, thank you for getting me somewhat out of my shell.
Now every time I look at the stars or the moon, I promise to always think of you and all we shared.

You were my best were my first love.

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