Shohab, The Suns Still Shining

April 3, 2010
By QuillAndInk SILVER, Champaign, Illinois
QuillAndInk SILVER, Champaign, Illinois
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Why does the sun still shine?
Why does the ocean’s water lap against eh soft golden sands?
The stars should hide and the world should stop
My son is dead
My youngest is dead
My oldest is dying
Already the blame is seeping into my bones, it's filling my marrow
Coursing through my veins
Speed limits exist for a reason
Maybe he wouldn’t be dead
I’m frozen here in my cast and bloody clothing
But the world still moves on
The clinical concern from the nurses washes over me and leaves me empty
My son is dying
My son is dead
The world keeps on turning
Empty the seas
Fold up the night
Pack away the stars and hush the winds
There is no purpose anymore
My son is dead
The ICU is a cold place to pray
I beg of god to let me keep one of my boys
The photos show a smiling boy under the sun with the roses of youth in his cheeks
But what’s left of him is slack with death
He was a boy
Full of hopes and dreams, of expectations
Now he’s dead
Isn’t it a wonder?
How you can plan and plan, next week you’ll do this
In a few years
When you're older
But you wont get older
There isn’t a later
Gone and dead
So why does the sun still dare shine?
Why does the world mock me with its cheery spring
The rain should fall and the earth should crack
And yet still life goes on
While I’m frozen in the past with only my memories to keep me company
Only my prayers to keep me going

The author's comments:
This is how i remember, this is how i grieve

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