Not Over You

April 7, 2010
I need to get over you,
Never meant anything to you,
I finally see that,
I can't accept the fact,
That you're so over me,
Why can't I see,
You're the cause of my sleepless nights,
Stuck in a place void of light,
But ironically I sit here,
Wishing for you to care,
All I can do is stare.
I was finally put together by you,
But you came along and ripped my heart in two,
I just wanted to be happy,
Couldn't you have let me be?
My heart lies in pieces at my feet,
Fixing it is an expectation I can't meet,
you took some of the pieces from me,
and left me in this catastrophe.
This is just a waste of paper,
no matter what I wish you don't care,
I wasn't supposed to fall so deep,
I can't escape this, not even asleep,
All the words you left unspoken,
and all the lies you have spoken,
have left me crying and heartbroken,
I should've known,
Shouldn't have leapt into the unknown,
But who cares,
About your endless stares,
Eyes full of apathy,
Unable of sympathy.
It's a wannabe fairytale,
A story left untold,
The dragon left unslayed,
the prince bored with the role he played,
but it's still of you I'm dreaming,
Slowly internally bleeding,
I should've known you didn't pretend,
every tragic story has a tragic end.

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