Lost Lanes

April 6, 2010
By Anonymous

Lost Lanes

The lanes are long and vast
The ground is a pale grey
The cement crumbles under the weight of there consciences
The hums of distant minds bounce off the barriers
They drive back and forth looking for something
Something misplaced, something not found
The shriek of regret is overwhelming
Disorientation pollutes the air
Every breath you take is more desolate than the last
There are no expressions or emotions
No glimpses of hope or relief
Merely confused looks burned onto peoples’ face
The somber haze never seems to fade
It floats above and road and never drifts away
The traffic is constant and chaos is accustomed
There are no dividers or markers
No signs or directions
No entrances or exits
Everyone is moving, but no one knows where
The lanes are forever
These are the lanes, the lanes to no where

The author's comments:
I had the feeling of complete and udder hopelessness and feeling lost in my life, this helped to expresss that

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