April 6, 2010
By PoohBear17 BRONZE, Pasadena, Maryland
PoohBear17 BRONZE, Pasadena, Maryland
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I always thought that forgiveness was such a good thing.
I still do.
But its so hard to forgive and forget.
And love those who don't necessarily deserve it.
As it should.
But its especially hard when someone hurts you.
Especially hard when its someone you love.
Someone you really care for.
But its when that person doesn't want to forgive you,
Thats whats truly hard.
You try so much to make that person believe you're worthy of forgiveness.
And try as you may, you're still unforgiven.
I've heard that forgiving isn't easy.
You have to put your pride aside,
Forget the sins of another and focus on your own faults.
Because of this we'll lose it.
Because of stubborness and pride we'll lose any ties we had to each other.
Of this I'm certain.
The hardest thing is giving up hope for any normality to return
And knowing that he doesn't care as much as you thought.
If he did, wouldn't he have put it in the past?
Forgiven you right on the spot?
But instead he took your heart
Leaving you, lying tattered and broken on the floor.
The beautiful things he told you.
All lies.
But even after everything he's done,
You still love him just as much as you did before.

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