My Love

March 26, 2010
By Anonymous

Lying in bed
Wishin’ you were next to me
Thinkin’ about our vacation on New Year’s
And wanting more
Picturing your handsome face
And the way the snow glistened on your cheeks
that smile that makes my heart flutter
and oh how your lovely brown eyes twinkle
Knowing that you’re mine
And enjoying every second of it
Time has gone by so fast
And I can hardly believe it
Remembering our first prom
The butterflies in my stomach
Excitement in the air
And using a milk crate to get in the truck
Many nights spent in your arms
Looking at the stars
And enjoying the stillness of the night
How lucky I am to be yours
And to have such a careful keeper of my heart
Hoping that I have done the same for yours
And knowing that you’ll always be there for me
You will always own the key to my heart
And that will never change
You can always come to me
No matter what happens
And I will be there for you
Comforting embraces
And your tender lips on mine
Our passion
Caressing your body
And the feeling of your skin touching mine
Not knowing a feeling like any other
Your love is so extraordinary
I can’t count how many times that you have made my day
Or how many wonderful moments I have spent with you
All I know is that I can’t wait for many more to come
In no way can one poem ever explain my love for you
Or all the breathtaking times that we have spent together
But as our one year anniversary has come
I can’t help but try to put a dent in all the things I’ve wanted to tell you
And even though I couldn’t explain it all
I know that you have each memory tucked away under that cowboy hat
To go back and relive all those special moments
I love you Timmy
More than I will ever be able to explain
And no words can ever describe the times we have spent together.

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