Baby Brothers

April 2, 2010
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My two baby brothers.
My most faveroite people in the world.
With black curls.
Huge round brown eyes.
Chubby feet.
Stubby fingerpads.
When they grin, they light up a room.
They look exactly alike.
Except for the 17th month delay separating them.
Even though outward appearences link them together they are very diffrent on the inside.
One, the observer. The "quiet child" in the family. Leery of everything. Beutiful, but one of the shyist people you will ever meet.
The other, Vibrant. loud, willing to do anything you tell him. Over friendly and hasn't learned what the meaning of personal space means.
Polar opposites, but extremly close brothers.
sharing rooms, baths, clothes, toys, family, food and everything else you can think.
There one of a kind.
And a proud sister, to call them my baby brothers.

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