This Time

April 2, 2010
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The first time, i saw you, i thought nothing of it.
The second time, we talked, i realized you were diffrent.
The third time, we hung out i realized you were one of my best friends.
Time, Time, Time, it goes by.

Four years later-
This time i looked at you diffrently.
This time, you were more than a friend to me.
This time, i loved you more than a friend.
This time, i fell for you.
Time, Time, Time goes by.
You fell for me to.
we were happy together and everyone could see it.
The time you held my hand,
The time you smiled at me,
The time i met your parents,
The time i noticed we were ment to be together.
The time you told me you were in love with me.
Time,Time,Time goes by.

6 months later-
This time, you act diffrent.
This time, i see somethings wrong.
This time, i realize you don't want this.
this was the time i cried my eyes out.
This time, was the time you ended it.
I remember that was the time my heart shattered....... and i'm still missing some pieces.

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