I wish I could

April 2, 2010
I wish I could lie dead,
Shot in the head,
Or stabbed in the heart,
I love this part,
Where everyone forgets my name,
Goes on, and plays their life game,
Everyone falls in love,
As I sit, and watch from above.

Life would be better if people cared,
No one stared,
Everyone loved,
If death was life,
If life was a dream,
And in a dream, there is no reason to be mean,
There is only one thing to live for, L-O-V-E, its love.
4 letters that last forever,
Makes life and everything else better,
Everyone needs it,
It all or even a little bit,
Not just in your heart, but in your soul,
It makes everyone one whole.

I feel the way I feel because it’s the only thing I see real,
But I’m blind, I can’t see, I can’t be me,
I’m a piece of lined paper, No ink, no lead, and nothing in my head,
It’s all in my heart, the one and only part.
It’s the start of completing my life, and my heart.

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