The Unexpected Ocean Swell

April 2, 2010
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The unexplored beginning makes your heart leap
You test the waters, and quickly wade right in
You soak your skin and are surprised by the cold
But you let it wash over you and revel in the new

You see other and feel your body clench
But the water sweeps you close and gives you confidence
They welcome you and you are surprised by the ease of friendship
You bask in their love and feel yourself grow

The others dive deep below the waters and wave you to follow
You feel your heart pound, anxious of the unexplored
But you straiten your spine and push under the water
You are surprised by the joy you feel of letting yourself go

The others slow down unsure of their next move
You quickly jump forward leading them through the twists
You break the surface to see a timid child wading
You smile as the cycle begins anew

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